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“Outsourcing Strategy in CDM: Challenges and Nuances.”

Date: 09-DEC-2017

Co Chairs: Dr Nimita Limaye, Abby Abraham

This conference will analyse recent trends in strategies that have been applied to outsourcing and eClinical provider selection. The industry continues to evolve from a) new price control strategies such as reverse auctions and more as well as b) new regulatory and industry transformations such as ICH-E6(R2) compliance, risk based and data driven monitoring. There are significant lessons to be learnt from what works well and what needs to be done differently to make partnerships and eClinical solution implementation successful with changing times.”


Dr. Nimita Limaye

Dr. Nimita Limaye

Dr. Nimita Limaye

Dr. Nimita Limaye is the CEO of Nymro Clinical Consulting Services, providing consulting, training,  and services to CROs, pharma companies, investment bankers, advisory firms etc on diverse topics such as risk based monitoring, data standards, data exclusivity, CDM, medical writing, digital technology, market landscape analysis, pricing and GTM strategy, etc.

She has over 20 years of industry experience holding key leadership positions across leading global and local Pharmas and CROs.

A chapter was authored on her in the book ‘How India Found Its Feet: The Story of India Business Leadership and Value Creation 1991-2010’.

She has chaired multiple conferences, spoken, given keynote talks, chaired sessions, conducted workshops etc at multiple global and local forums, including the DIA, SCDM, Bio Europe, ISCR, Nasscom, Partnerships in Clinical Trials, IIM etc. She is the Past Chair of the SCDM board, headquartered in the US and the first person outside the US to chair this board. She has co-led workshops on the outsourcing of CDM in the US and has published papers on the same.

She was on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Applied and Translational Genomics, and has around 30 publications to her credit.

Abby Abraham 

Abby Abraham is a co-founder of Algorics and serves as Vice President for Clinical Solutions where he is responsible for Intellectual Property Development, Strategy and scientific engagement in the space of RBM and clinical analytics.

He has been an active provider of thought leadership by chairing and presenting in several scientific sessions in industry forums such as SCDM, DIA and Partnerships in clinical trials. He has authored articles in reputed scientific publications as well as articulated his perspective in several RBM white papers.

Abby has over 18 years of experience in the clinical research industry. He has served senior leadership roles in global CROs prior to co-founding Algorics – a niche global organisation that specialises in clinical research analytics and risk based monitoring through unique product and services.