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Data Basics is SCDM’s quarterly digital journal, featuring peer-reviewed articles on industry news and issues.

Article Submissions

SCDM welcomes submission of articles for publication in Data Basics. Materials should be submitted in electronic form, preferably Microsoft Word.

Submissions may be edited for length and content. SCDM and the Editorial Board do not endorse commercial vendors or systems and publication of articles shall not be construed as such. Acceptance of materials for publication is at the sole discretion of the Data Basics Editorial Board.

Please review the editorial submission guidelines for information on how to submit your article for publication in Data Basics.

For information about submitting an article for publication, please contact the SCDM team at

2017 Editorial Calendar

Issue Publication Date Submission Deadline
Spring April 17 February 17
Summer June 19 April 14
Fall September 18 July 14
Winter December 11 October 13