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SCDM Updates

We hope you are enjoying your summer (sadly almost at the end) and the warm weather!

The year is going by quickly and the SCDM staff, Board and Committee volunteers have been busy making our 25th Anniversary year the best ever!
As a quick reminder, in my April letter, I shared SCDM’s new vision and mission:

SCDM Vision (our aspirational view of the Society): Leading innovative clinical data science to advance global health research and development
SCDM Mission (what we do): Connect and inspire professionals managing global health data with global education, certification and advocacy

We’ve been working to bring our new vision and mission to life with multiple initiatives. Two of these initiatives, both from the Innovation Committee, were rolled out this past quarter and announced on social media channels- LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram– and via our website.

The first is the new white paper “The Evolution of Clinical Data Management to Clinical Data Science” that speaks directly to the drivers that are leading to seismic changes in our discipline. The paper offers key concepts and thought provoking ideas of what a future in Data Science may look like. The Committee Chair, Patrick Nadolny, participated in a future of CDM panel discussion at the PharmaSUG conference in June, sharing the SCDM vision and the paper. SCDM intends to publish more papers in the next year on changes to the CDM role and how technology will be an enabler to achieving it. Laying out our vision of data managers advancing global health research through the expanding world of data science and inspiring data management professionals to embrace it is our first step in realizing our vision and mission!

The second initiative launched that directly supports our new vision and mission is the eSource Implementation Consortium. Its mission is in its name ‘implementation’- by bringing together academia, pharma and technology vendors to use emerging techniques and standards to facilitate dataflow from Electronic Health Record systems (EHRs) to clinical data management systems or warehouses, they will demonstrate best practices and encourage the adoption of eSource. This consortium is now open to all.

Here are some other exciting events and news to share that promote our mission of education, certification and connecting:

Coming up we have 4 global conferences to attend!

– SCDM India Single Day event, Sept 15, 2019, Pune|India
– SCDM Annual Conference and Leadership Forum, September 29- October 2, 2019, Baltimore|US
– SCDM EMEA Conference and Leadership Forum, October 23-25, 2019, Berlin|Germany
– SCDM India Annual Conference December 6-7, 2019, Karnataka | India
Additional educational offerings are coming- from new chapters in the GCDMP to new webinars and online courses!
Lastly, be on the lookout for an updated website that is easier to navigate and a new community platform to collaborate with each other to share best practices and for committees and taskforces to work together more easily and reach their goals quicker.

We hope you are energized by our vision and mission and opportunities to be a part of SCDM! Now is the perfect time to get involved with your Society, to help your career, to give back to others and have some fun along the way!
I hope you are as excited as I am to be a part of a thought leading organization who is defining a new direction from Data Management to Data Science!

See you in Baltimore in September!

Kindest regards,
Linda King,
SCDM Board Chair, 2019

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