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A New Vision and Mission for SCDM

You may have noticed that our logo is a little different.  A ‘25’ has been added as we are celebrating our 25th silver anniversary this year!

As you often do when hitting a special milestone, we took this opportunity as a Board to reflect on where the society started, the progress we’ve made and where we want to be in the next 25 years and beyond- our vision.

We’ve had many successes and achievements over the past 25 years. From very humble beginnings of being founded in 1994 by 11 data management leaders with encouragement by the FDA to a growing and vibrant society with over 2200 members from 49 countries, 4 global offices and 7 conferences last year across the world (India, China, Europe and the US)! We have also recently moved our Japan Exploratory Committee to a full-fledged Steering Committee. Our educational offerings are the hallmark of the society. For example, we authored the global go-to Good Clinical Data Management Practices (GCDMP) guidance and host on-line courses and webinars. We’ve also established certification to recognize the Clinical Data Management professional (CCDM) since 2004. Leading in providing white papers on hot topics, the Innovation Committee has published papers on eSource and mobile Health (mHealth). Additionally, SCDM launched the eSource Implementation Consortium last year, bringing together academia, pharma and technology vendors to use emerging techniques and standards to facilitate dataflow from Electronic Health Record systems (EHRs) to clinical data management systems or warehouses. These achievements and many more are all thanks to the dedication of our great volunteers!

To lead and provide direction for the Society for the next 25 plus years, the Board has created a new bold vision and mission for the Society!

SCDM Vision (our aspirational view of the Society):  Leading innovative clinical data science to advance global health research and development

Our new vision is action oriented in leading the future of our profession to advance and ensure its key place in global health research.  We are building on the core of clinical data management today as THE custodians of the clinical data, that will always be at the heart of all we do and will never change, but also proactively preparing for and leading in the future in an expanding world of data management. An expanding world called clinical data science where the data sources are more diversified and larger in number and size and where technology year on year plays an increasingly integral part of our daily lives as clinical data managers.  How will we proactively prepare for and lead in the future?

SCDM Mission (what we do):  Connect and inspire professionals managing global health data with global education, certification and advocacy

The mission focuses on concrete actions of what we will do: global education, certification and advocacy as our drivers to lead and advance global health research. And how we will do it: by connecting and inspiring data management professionals.

Our goals for 2019 are focused on our mission of education, certification and advocacy. As a top priority, we are investing in revising chapters and writing new chapters for the GCDMP. We will be providing more opportunities to learn and share your knowledge through conferences and forums, active committees and taskforces such as the Innovation Committee and the eSource Implementation Consortium, and more on-line courses and webinars on fundamentals and fresh new topics through state of the art educational platforms. A new certification exam is offered with the flexibility of taking it on-line. Also, thought leader advocacy through active participation in forums on SCDM’s behalf and providing you a new community platform to collaborate with each other to share best practices and for committees and taskforces to work together more easily and reach their goals quicker.

We hope you are energized by our 2019 goals! Now is the perfect time to…. join a Committee, lead a Taskforce, attend a conference, forum or single day event, run for the Board, share your knowledge for a GCDMP chapter, teach an on-line course, present a webinar –  to get involved with your Society, to help your career, to give back to others and have some fun along the way!  Become a volunteer.

Please contact me ([email protected]) or [email protected] if you’d like to find out more about volunteer opportunities, the Society’s new vision and mission or would like to share your ideas and thoughts on our future. Be on the lookout for more about our new vision and mission this year!

See you in Baltimore in September!

Linda King, SCDM Board Chair, 2019

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