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About Innovation & Technology

After the Leadership Forum on June 22, the EMEA Conference programme will kick off on Thursday, June 23 with a full day of exciting sessions on key topics for CDMs.
Innovation & Technology is one of the most prominent themes at this EMEA event!

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Here’s a selection of some of the talks you cannot miss 👇

June 23 at 11:15 AM. Disruptive Technologies Simplified: Real World Case Studies.
This session will feature technology and industry leaders sharing their stories about the positive and negative things they encountered over the past couple of years implementing technologies like RBQM, ML, AI, RPA, and more.

June 23 at 1:30 PM. Lab to Shelf through Effective Data Analytics.
With research becoming more global than ever, data analytics has an important role to play in identifying the risks early on in the research cycle, resulting in course corrections, investing in the right strategy, saving time and resources.

June 23 at 3:15 PM. Generative AI – Exploring a New World of Possibilities in Healthcare.Generative Artificial Intelligence is emerging as one of the most powerful AI techniques gaining ground fast. This session will attempt to bring various opinions and thought processes of decision-makers and industry experts to explore the potential use cases of Generative AI in healthcare.

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📢 Confirmed speakers:

Connect and exchange ideas with these industry leaders and many other experts at the SCDM 2022 EMEA Leadership Forum & Conference.

SCDM EMEA 2022 Speakers

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