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SCDM’s programs and events are managed by committees and taskforces, populated by volunteer SCDM members and led by a Chair and Co-Chairs. Their goal is to deliver on SCDM key priorities, in close partnership with the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee who set their priorities.

If you have questions or if you want to reach out to one of the committees or taskforces, contact us at

Board of Trustees

The general responsibilities of the Board of Trustees include the management of property, affairs and business of the Society. These responsibilities extend to the government of the Society, establishment of its policies, organization of its administration, determination of its operation, authorization of its expenditures, board meeting attendance and overall management of its affairs.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Past Chair. The Executive Committee recommends actions for approval of the full Board and sometimes acts for the Board.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee recommends financial policies, reviews the annual budget and recommends it to the full Board for approval, and monitors financial reports prepared by the staff.

China Committee

The China Committee is responsible for promoting SCDM in the region, both through networking with peers and local events but also with regulatory bodies.

EMEA Committee

The EMEA Committee is responsible for promoting SCDM in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, both through networking with peers and local events but also with regulatory bodies. Their aim is to expand the EMEA membership base and provide a voice for this region within the global SCDM organisation.

India Committee

The India Committee is mainly responsible for organizing SCDM annual conferences for India, webinars & networking opportunities for the members in the CDM space.

Content Alignment Taskforce

The Content Alignment Taskforce is composed of two members from each of the GCDMP©, Certification, and Education Committees and members of the Board. The taskforce is responsible for increasing alignment between these three key SCDM offerings and putting infrastructure in place to assure alignment over time.

Innovation Committee

The Innovation Committee is a forward-thinking team focused on being SCDM’s ‘think tank’ for new, disruptive ideas in the discipline of Data Management.  The Committee evaluates hot topics and future opportunities for Data Management and assigns a taskforce to further investigate their possibilities,  such as an in-depth review and white paper, a chapter in the GCDMP, an article in Data Basics, or a presentation/webinar/on-line course, an industry publication etc… The long-term goal is for all SDTM members and stakeholders to better understand opportunities, further expanding and evolving Data Management. The Committee’s areas of investigation are currently focused on:

Academic Relations Taskforce

The Academic Relations Taskforce is meant to identify opportunities for SCDM to partner with Academic institutions and look into way for the clinical data management discipline to become part of a specific curriculum; or to associate SCDM with the curricula that may already be in place in some institutions.

eSource Implementation Consortium

The mission of this academic-sponsor-electronic health record (EHR) consortium is to agree upon standardization of the clinical research data set that will enable faster adoption of eSource in the form of direct data transfers by academic sites and sponsors. We action this mission by leveraging existing clinical research HL7 Fast Healthcare Inter-operability Resources (FHIR) standards where available.    The Consortium is linked to the Clinical Data Innovation Committee but is a stand-alone Consortium sponsored by SCDM.

Certification Committee

The Certification Committee provides an independent and industry recognized certification program for CDMs, develops quality standards and ensures that standard criteria and requirements for certification reflect industry needs.

Online Course Committee

The Online Course Committee selects course topics, identifies instructors and develops each course with the selected instructor. The Online Course Committee is an excellent forum to discuss the most current topics relevant to Clinical Data Management with subject matter experts.

Webinar Committee

The Webinar Committee selects webinar topics, identifies speakers and then develops each webinar with the selected speaker. The Webinar Committee is an excellent forum to discuss the most current topics relevant to Clinical Data Management with subject matter experts.

Annual Conference Taskforce

The Annual Conference Taskforce is focused on bringing the best program together to make the Annual Conference a success, starting with determining the current hot topics to be presented, as well as the cutting edge topics that should be surfaced within the data management arena.


GCDMP© Committee

The GCDMP© Committee is responsible for maintenance of the GCDMP© document (which provides minimum standards, best practice and methodological guidance for the tasks of managing data for clinical studies).  Serving as the Editorial Board, they make decisions about chapter content and overall direction. GCDMP© Taskforces are created specifically to draft new chapters or revise existing ones at the direction of the Committee.

Publication Committee

The Publications Committee oversees the publication of Data Basics, SCDM’s quarterly peer-reviewed journal, from start to finish. The Committee selects articles, liaises with the authors and edits the articles.

Marketing Advisory Board

The role of the Marketing Advisory Board (MAB) is to help all the SCDM committees achieve their goals by collaborating and guiding them regarding the marketing components of their activities.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee seeks the most efficient means in growing membership in industry and academic fields, both domestically and internationally, while striving to maintain the interest of existing members. The main focus of the Membership Committee is to tailor the membership benefits to existing and potential members.  The Membership Committee is promoting both Organizational and Individual Memberships as well as fostering Corporate Partnership.