About us

Established in 1994, the Society for Clinical Data Management (SCDM) is a non-profit, international organization of over 2,800 members founded to advance the discipline of clinical data management.

SCDM members are charged with promoting quality and excellence in data management and are dedicated to the development, support and advancement of clinical data management professionals. SCDM is organized exclusively for educational purposes and seeks to engage with relevant organizations that can support to advance
its mission.

“To lead the clinical data science industry for a healthier world.”

– Our Vision

Our Mission

Accelerate the development of preventative and curative medical interventions by leading the clinical data science profession.

Prepare our industry and professionals for the evolution of the management of health data through education, best practices and certification programs

Engage and partner with policy makers, regulators, patient organizations and other key stakeholders for a healthier world.


All organisations need to ensure that they operate in such a way as to ensure that they deliver on their objectives. Ever since our formation in 1994, SCDM has set out to be at the forefront of the CDM industry.  By setting standards for professional learning and certification, by championing the evolution to CDS and, in general, by advocating for the profession, we have been able to build momentum, attract members and partners from around the world, and build a strong, robust brand reputation.

And as we consider the future, we remain committed to continue scaling our impact and to focus on the elements that matter the most. Our new 2023-2025 work plan continues our focus on performance, not just good intentions. We have updated our vision and mission statements to be even more relevant and inclusive to our evolving profession. And, we have given a stretch growth target for the end of 2025 which raises the bar even further and makes SCDM truly relevant for all associated with our profession.

Our 2023-2025 work plan also builds on the central themes of our highly-successful previous planning period. The three key areas of work focus are:

  • to evolve the core capabilities of the CDM professional through education and certification
  • to advance our influence through thought leadership
  • to expand our reach through partnerships of value

These are clear and focused, and they will allow SCDM to continue building and nurturing the world’s CDM community and to deliver impact where it counts.

The real key to SCDM’s performance lies in the hands of our volunteers; they have the right mind-set and dedication to keep driving SCDM forwards. And, as we seek to further lead and support  our industry for a healthier world, many opportunities for involvement arise. So, are you willing to lend a hand and bring your best, most collaborative self to SCDM? If so, we would love to hear from you; click here to express your willingness to volunteer.

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