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Call for Session Chairs #SCDM2021

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Call for Session Chairs #SCDM2021

The SCDM 2021 Annual Conference is a place for the world’s clinical data management industry to reflect on the future. That is why our conference theme is “Future Now: v2.021”. Attendees expect to see cutting edge content that will raise the bar of excellence in the profession.

Future Now: v2.021

With the COVID pandemic a fixture in our lives and 20:20 hindsight, we look back on last year and ask ourselves: what did we get right, where were we nimble and where did we push our boundaries?
We continue to ask these questions and more as we up-version today and make the future a reality! We continue to pivot, to write the narrative and move forward, potentially beyond our comfort levels, to adopt and embrace change in our data science industry at the global scale.

Step-by-Step Guide

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The eight conference themes give an idea of how CDM leaders plan on addressing new opportunities and challenges. They provide a perspective on what CDMs value and what they don’t. They drive home the message that if the past has taught us anything, something entirely off the radar can challenge the status quo, and that its down to the SCDM community to continue writing the narrative. Together, they show innovative ways to shift the paradigm immediately. The Future is Now. And it is v2.021 – be part of it!

Submit your session proposal by February 4, 2021 and shape the future with us!

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