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The CCDM® Beta Exam is Here!

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The CCDM® Beta Exam is Here!

We are thrilled to announce the release of the Beta Exam of the next version of the Certified Clinical Data Manager (CCDM®) exam.

In the past months, we have been tirelessly working to bring the SCDM CCDM® exam to date and we are proud to announce that the Beta Exam is finally here!

What is the CCDM Beta exam about? 

A Beta Exam is a new version of a certification exam that is in development. When the study is complete, candidates who participated will receive their results. A subset of statistically performing Beta Exam questions will become the exam for the certification for which it has been developed and the previous exam is retired. It is also an opportunity for participants to become a Certified Clinical Data Manager (CCDM®) upon successful completion of the exam.
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Candidates who registered in the past year will be receiving a personal email with the request to complete their profile and instructions on how to schedule the exam.

If you have not registered yet, please register now and further instructions will follow.

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