CDM professionals
like never before

Developed by industry experts, our game-changing
CDM Competency Framework sets the gold standard
for excellence, providing a roadmap to enhance
your CDM skills and knowledge.


A dynamic competency framework that evolves with the CDM profession

Unlock your full potential as you develop your career with this essential guide, encompassing the skills, knowledge, and behaviors needed for mastery in the CDM profession. When coupled with SCDM’s educational offering, our framework is set to equip you with the precise competencies required to stay ahead of the curve and advance in your career.


Propel your career to new heights with our cutting-edge online education programs

Whether you’re at the beginning of your CDM journey or a seasoned professional, SCDM’s educational offering will help you level up your clinical data management knowledge and skills, giving you the flexibility to access relevant content at your convenience. You can choose from hundreds of resources, including online webinars, courses and on-demand conference presentations – all tailored to target specific competencies outlined in our framework.

Looking Ahead

The launch of our Competency Framework marks just the beginning of an exciting journey. In the coming months, we will evaluate and categorize our educational content and expand our offering with new programs that address key competencies outlined in the framework. Eager to contribute and engage in our education-focused working groups?

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