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The SCDM Certification programs are unique in the industry, designed to allow clinical data managers to gain recognition for their knowledge, education and experience. Alongside the already established CCDM certification, in the coming year we will be launching two new certifications – CCDA and CCDS.


Get CCDM® certified

Our Certified Clinical Data Manager (CCDM®) program allows you to prove your knowledge, education and experience as a CDM. Before the exam, we recommend you consult the GCDMP and access the SCDM Learning Hub, packed with the latest insights and knowledge.


New CCDA and CCDS certifications will create a more accurate scaled system for all CDMs

CCDA Certification

Entry level certification for those starting their career

A CCDA (Certified Clinical Data Associate) certification will be for CDM’s with less than 2 years’ experience who are performing data management tasks under the guidance of a more experienced CDM. A certification designed for those who are supporting but not leading data management studies.

Read more about the CCDA Beta Exam
CCDS Certification

Our highest level certification for advanced CDMs

Our most advanced certification, the CCDS (Certified Clinical Data Scientist) will be for those who’ve passed the CCDM exam and are able to complete highly complex tasks from developing new simulations to predicative modelling with knowledge of regulations and clinical research methods.

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