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Take Your Commitment to Clinical Data Management
to the Next Level!

SCDM established the Certified Clinical Data Manager (CCDM®) program for clinical data managers to institute a standard of knowledge, education and experience by which they would be officially recognized by the profession.

The CCDM® program is meant to identify credible, trained, qualified and committed professionals in Clinical Data Management (CDM) and provides instantaneous feedback for organizations seeking to hire the best and the brightest in their field.

Download the form using the button below and send it to info@scdm.org

Benefits – Why Become a CCDM®?

Personal & Professional Benefits

  • Validation of CDM knowledge & skill set
  • Sense of accomplishment and recognition
  • Ability to mentor others as they prepare for certification

Organizational Benefits

  • Professionals with a comprehensive knowledge in CDM
  • Competitive employees who have reached the highest levels of excellence in the CDM industry
  • Excellent professional development opportunities for your employees
  • Best methods, efficiency and an improved quality within your company