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Eligibility Requirements

Applicants for the Certified Clinical Data Manager (CCDM™) program must meet one of the following criteria

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher and minimum two years full-time CDM experience
  • Associate’s degree and minimum three years full-time CDM experience
  • Four or more years full-time CDM experience
  • Part-time work experience equal to or surpassing full-time equivalent in criteria above

Additional notes

  • Applicants do not need to be SCDM members, nor must they be currently employed as a clinical data manager to apply for certification
  • Individuals whose CDM certification is currently suspended are not eligible to take the certification exam until the suspension lifts
  • Individuals whose names are on the FDA debarment list or have had certification permanently revoked are not eligible to take the certification exam.


Please download the application form and e-mail it back to us at

If you choose to pay by check, please print the application form and send it to:

Society for Clinical Data Management 

Boulevard du Souverain, 280
B-1160 Brussels, Belgium

Once your application has been processed (approximately 14 days after it is submitted), you will receive a letter of acceptance, rejection or a request for further information.

The letter of acceptance will include an eligibility number required to schedule your exam. You have a 90 days eligibility period from the date mentioned on your acceptance letter to take your exam.

Prepare for the Exam

SCDM offers a variety of tools to prepare for the exam: face-to-face workshops, the Annual Conference sessions, Good Clinical Data Management Practices (GCDMP©) and the SCDM Education Web Portal are excellent sources to help candidates prepare for the exam.

Take the Exam

The CCDM® exam contains 130 multiple choice questions. The computer-based exam is sat online at the location of your choice. Following acceptance of your application, the examincation candidate will be provided with an individual link and exam code to sit their exam online. For complete information on the CCDM® program, application process and exam, please download the CCDM® handbook.

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