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Renew your Certification

CDM Certified Clinical Data Management professionals (CCDMs) are required to renew their certification every three years from the time of their original certification. By renewing, CCDMs demonstrate their willingness to advance within the field and commitment to continued growth in both knowledge and competency in Clinical Data Management. Renewal can be accomplished by taking the exam or by submitting appropriate continuing education documentation.

The CCDM® Renewal application must be submitted along with

  • Renewal or exam fee
  • CEU submission form (required for non-SCDM CEU courses only)
  • CEU certificates from all educational events (Non-SCDM)
  • CV of the Course Instructor (required for non-SCDM CEU courses only)

To renew your certification, you must acquire a minimum of 1.8 CEUs within three years. This time frame begins on the date of certification.