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SCDM's Key Priorities for 2021

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SCDM’s Key Priorities for 2021

Welcome to 2021! 

Hello SCDM Friends,

Year 2020 taught each one of us how we are balancing, adapting and working towards our professional and personal goals in new normal. As we enter the 2021 we are expecting a pretty exciting journey lined up at SCDM with great collaboration with each one of you as members!

Firstly, would like to welcome our New SCDM Board Chair- Sanjay Bhardwaj along with Mayank Anand as Vice Chair. I would like to elicit a Quote by John Maxwell – “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”, I am sure this leadership at Executive board will steer us further in advancement of the Society.

Thanks to our Past Chair Michael Goedde for his leadership and vision, helping us to navigate the 2020 events in a virtual way with a huge success across globe. Finally, would like to thank Jennifer Price past secretary for her valuable support for all the years!

Moving further to our priorities and vision for 2021, would like to share some updates:

1. “Future Now: V2.021” we are looking for the Best Session Chairs in the Industry for the SCDM 2021 Annual Conference, submit your session proposal here!

2. SCDM is scheduling a massive update of GCDMP in 2021 for all remaining chapters. In addition, we are looking at add new chapters like eSource, Turning data into actionable knowledge that covers areas like advanced analytics, DM, ML, NLP and AI. We are looking for volunteers to help with these updates. We invite your help in literature review, writing groups and content editing. Please click here to be a volunteer.

3. CCDM Beta exam launch will be releasing by March 2021. Interested applicants can connect [email protected] for further application process.

4. In 2021, the Innovation Committee will expand its focus in Clinical Data Science with a specific attention to Decentralized Clinical Trials, AI, Automations, eSource and Risk-Based CDM Approaches. The committee is anticipating to solidify its vision by releasing a Clinical Data Science position paper before the Global Annual Conference which will likely culminate as a Clinical Data Scientist Certification program by 2022. Stay tuned!

5. We have lined up events in 2021 across globe including the SCDM 2021 Annual Conference (Sep 2021), EMEA 2021 Conference, India (Single Day Event (Jun 2021), Datathon (Sept 2021) and Annual Conference (Dec 2021)) and the China Conference (Jun 2021).

Thanks again for being part of SCDM journey and I wish each one of you and your family members a Prosperous New Year!

Dr Deepak Kallubundi
Secretary, SCDM Board

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