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Launching JSCDM

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Launching JSCDM

We couldn’t be more excited to announce the next step in SCDM’s work to promote the translation of new innovations into practice, demonstrating our commitment to advance the CDM profession worldwide.
SCDM is transitioning Data Basics to a scholarly, peer-reviewed, online and open access journal: the Journal of the Society for Clinical Data Management (JSCDM).

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About the Journal

“The expanded scope of the publication will help fill a gap in the biomedical literature by publishing articles with an applied focus toward data collection, management and use in the design, conduct and reporting of and sharing resources from clinical studies. Together the journal and the Good Clinical Data Management Practices (GCDMP) serve the profession by connecting the translational cycle between data and informatics science and their application in practice.” – Meredith Zozus (JSCDM Editor-in-Chief).

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Sample Articles from the First Edition

Risk-based Quality Management in CDM: An inquiry into the value of generalized query-based data cleaning – Peter G Stokman

Electronic Data Capture – Selecting an EDC System – Maxine Pestronk, Derek Johnson, Muthamma Muthanna, Olivia Montano, Denise Redkar-Brown, Ralph Russo, Shweta Kerkar, David Eade


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