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Launching: SCDM Podcast!

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Launching: SCDM Podcast!

Launching the SCDM Podcast with the eSource Series

We’re bringing you yet another valuable form of engagement and learning opportunity that you can take with you anywhere you go – the SCDM Podcast!

We’re kicking off the the SCDM Podcast with an eSource Series! This engaging journey takes you deep into the world of eSource adoption and implementation. We’ve gathered insights from 15 contributors representing four vital perspectives:

  • CROs and vendors
  • Pharmaceutical experts
  • A regulatory authority
  • Academia/sites

In these candid interviews, they share their thoughts on the challenges to eSource adoption, recount personal experiences, and present compelling case studies. By tuning in, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of eSource solutions, from expert insights to real-world success stories. 

Join us as we explore the transformative potential of the use of eSource in the clinical research landscape!

Meet your eSource Podcast Host

Linda King

Linda King

Global eCOA/eSource Capability Lead, Director, Data Mgmt, Astellas; Past Chair at Society for Clinical Data Management and the facilitator of the SCDM eSource Implementation Consortium.

Get started with the first episodes

Mitra Rocca

Episode 1
eSource Implementation – One Regulator’s Personal Experience

with Mitra Rocca, from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Jonathan Andrus

Episode 2
Accelerating eSource adoption from a Technology Vendor Perspective

with Jonathan Andrus, SCDM Treasurer and President and COO at CRIO.

Rakesh Merck

Episode 3
eSource Implementation Challenges and Strategies in Pharma

with Rakesh Maniar, co-founder of the SCDM eSource Implementation Consortium and head of eClinical Technologies, Global Data Management and Standards in Global Clinical Trial Operations at Merck.

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