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Meet #SCDMEMEA23 Keynote Speaker 🎙️

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Meet #SCDMEMEA23 Keynote Speaker 🎙️

From data wasteland to data industrialization: testimony of a bumpy transformation road

We are thrilled to introduce you to this year’s EMEA Conference keynote speaker, Jo Coutuer – former Chief Data Officer for continental Europe’s biggest bank where he led an unprecedented successful transformational data journey.

From big data to the emergence of new technologies and capabilities, the Clinical Data Management and Banking industries are more alike than you’d think at first sight. So why not get inspired from an industry that has already undergone the digital transformation which in many ways is similar to what we are focusing on?

During the conference, Jo will share why and how the bank he worked for initiated a transformational data journey and what were the bumps along the way. His story will provide concrete do’s and don’ts based on best practices, and he will inspire CDM leaders to envision, shape and lead digitalization and AI transformational journeys.

💬 More about Jo Coutuer

Jo’s mission is to create shareholder value by explicitly connecting the “why” of a company’s strategy with the “how” and the “what” of a data and artificial intelligence.

Jo recently concluded a six-year tenure as the first ever Chief Data Officer and Member of the Executive Committee for BNP Paribas Fortis. Prior to joining the bank, he led Deloitte Belgium’s Data & Analytics Practice, following the acquisition of Numius, a data analytics company that Jo founded. Jo is also a guest lecturer at several business schools and holds an MBA from the Vlerick Business School.

What else can you look forward to?

Here is a snapshot of a few sessions that you shouldn't miss at #SCDMEMEA23 on 26-28 April

Regulatory Fireside Chat
Regulators from Denmark, Germany, the United States and the UK will share their perspectives and updates on initiatives and activities going on within their respective agencies. Topics covered will include updates on digital health technologies, DCT, diversity, data sharing, ICH E6, AI/ML and many others.

DCT’s have arrived! How do we review the data?
Real examples of solutions and lessons learned as data validation and data analytics are applied to decentralized clinical trials.

RBQM for site monitoring only?
The short answer is no. Understand why, the advantages of RBQM and how to justify its implementation.

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