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Avoid a lapse in your member benefits by renewing your Membership now. Our simple online form also allows you to update your profile and contact information.

Former member? It’s easy to rejoin using this same system.

  • You may join/re-join as SCDM member throughout the year
  • Membership always expires on December 31 every year
  • Membership dues will not be refunded
  • Any candidate applying for new membership or renewing their membership prior to the Annual Conference in the fall of each year shall be granted membership privileges for the remainder of the current year
  • Members joining at or after the Annual Conference in the fall shall be considered paid in full for the following calendar year’s membership
  • Registration discounts to SCDM Events are available for members
  • Related associations that are SCDM Partners are entitled to one free membership for the purpose of receipt and distribution of SCDM related information
  • The effective date of membership is the date the application is processed
  • Members not renewing by March 31st will be considered to have left the Society

To renew your organizational membership, fill out the document and contact us at