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New Topic Briefs on eSource

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New Topic Briefs on eSource

New Topic Briefs now available on JSCDM!

We’re bringing you exciting news! The SCDM eSource Implementation Consortium has just published an invaluable resource for all clinical data managers and clinical data scientists.

Introducing the eSource Topic Brief Series, a collection of guides shedding light on the transformative power of eSource in the Drug Development industry.

What makes this series truly special is that it builds up on the extensive insights gathered in the recently published SCDM Podcast the eSource Series, where Linda King interviews 17 contributors representing diverse perspectives: CROs, pharma, regulators, and academia/sites. These experts share their personal experiences and case studies, creating an invaluable repository of practical knowledge.

Dive deeper into the eSource with the Topic Brief series – a playbook-style report series that equips you with a comprehensive industry overview.

You can read all of the 4 topic briefs on JSCDM:

  1. Playbook 1: Practical Advice for Vendors and CROs
  2. Playbook 2: Taking a Site’s-Eye View
  3. Playbook 3: Practical Advice for Pharma
  4. Playbook 4: A Personal Regulatory View

Read on JSCDM


Linda King, Mitra Rocca, Jonathan Andrus, Alex Crawford, Kristen Harnack, Jeff Stein, Michael Buckley, Elena A Christofides, MD, FACE, Cory Ennis, Denise Snyder, Md Naqib Alam Ansari, Magda Jaskowska, PhD, Lauren McCabe, Muzafar Mirza, Joseph Angiolelli, Peter Casteleyn, Rakesh Maniar, Nadir AMMOUR


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