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Organizational Membership

Organizational memberships are affiliations held by a company or organization and can be applied to any employee of the company.

  • Transferability
    When one of your SCDM member employees leaves the company or changes position, SCDM allows your organization to reassign the membership to another employee. Membership transfers are free of charge.
  • Special Rates
    With the purchase or renewal of 10 memberships, get the next one free.
    Discount on SCDM Educational Program (Webinars & Online Courses) and Annual Conferences
  • Customizable
    Although membership is linked to an organization, employees have the option to personalize their password and contact information.
  • Managed by one company contact
    Your company identifies one central contact person, who then can manage the organizational membership with SCDM.

To apply for organizational membership, download and fill out the form, and contact us at [email protected]

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