Retake the Exam

Retake the Exam

In the unfortunate event that you failed the CCDM® exam, we invite you to retake the exam.
Please download the application form and e-mail it back to us at [email protected].
If you choose to pay by check, please print the application form and mail it to:

Society for Clinical Data Management

Boulevard du Souverain, 280
B-1160 Brussels, Belgium

Once your application has been processed (approximately 14 days after it is submitted) you will receive a letter of acceptance, rejection or a request for further information. The letter of acceptance will include an eligibility number required to schedule your exam. You have a 90 days eligibility period from the date of your acceptance letter to take your exam.

The fee to retake the CCDM® exam depends on your home country, please refer to the Certification Fees page.

You may retake the exam within one calendar year of the formal notification letter date of your original exam results. After that date, a full application must be submitted and the full fee structure applies.

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