SCDM Leadership Webinar Series

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SCDM Leadership Webinar Series

SCDM’s Leadership Webinar Series brings data experts from across the spectrum of the industry together to look back on the main discussions held during the SCDM 2021 Global Conference. In these webinars the leaders will also reflect on industry triumphs and how they have forever changed the future outlook.

SCDM Best of Webinar

Thursday, February 17 | 07:00 PDT | 10:00 EST | 14:00 CET | 20:30 IST

Recap: Highlights from SCDM’s recent Global Conference
A few months back, on September 29, SCDM wrapped up its first global conference, which focused on the industry’s biggest trends, priorities and achievements, from the future of big dataAI and machine learning to the evolving Clinical Data Science discipline, hybrid Decentralized Clinical Trials and Risk Based Quality Management Analytics.Learn more about SCDM’s Global Conference, and dive deeper on the topics that dominated, including:

  • The modern machine-human system and learning how to collaborate with machines
  • Regulations and the fast evolution of clinical trials
  • ‘A jab of hope’ – clinical data managers’ critical role in the race to develop Covid vaccines
  • Patient-centric data validity, quality and integrity
  • and much more

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State of the Industry 2022

Thursday, February 24 | 07:00 PDT | 10:00 EST | 14:00 CET | 20:30 IST

The SCDM Chair Address: the State of the CDM industry
SCDM’s Chair for 2022, Mayank Anand, delivers this must watch session where he zeroes in on what matters most to the Clinical Data Management industry. Find out how the industry is shifting towards Clinical Data Science and why it’s crucial to get clear about the unique value the industry brings and how it drives business and societal priorities. As data becomes embedded in every decision and process, managing data effectively with speed and quality will be crucial.

Faced with an accelerating rate of change, the industry is looking to harness external data and to adopt ever more innovative ways to manage rapidly increasing volumes of data. Explore these insights in this session to understand how SCDM makes a sustained impact by cultivating new capabilities and mindsets and how to embed them in your organization.

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