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SCDM Working Group Leads

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SCDM Working Group Leads

Meet the forces behind SCDM’s mission

Without our global network of enthusiastic professionals and volunteers, SCDM would not be where it is now—one of the leading advocates for the development of Clinical Data Management.

Therefore, it is a great honor to announce the leads of the SCDM Working Groups, who will work alongside their peers, chairs, and co-chairs to develop events, programs, and learning opportunities while staying true to our mission of:

  • Accelerating the development of preventative and curative medical interventions by leading the clinical data science profession.
  • Preparing our industry and professionals for the evolution of the management of health data through education, best practices and certification programs.
  • Engaging and partnering with policy makers, regulators, patient organizations and other key stakeholders for a healthier world.

Meet the Working Group Leads

Magda Jaskowska, PhD
Lead of GCDMP working group

Magda is a Doctor of Social Sciences in the discipline of Management and Quality Sciences, author of a doctoral dissertation carried out in the field of implementation and dissemination of innovative digital health solutions.

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Richard Young
Lead of Innovation working group

Richard Young is VP, Strategy, Vault CDMS at Veeva Systems. Young has over 25 years of expertise in data management and clinical strategy.

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Jennifer Price
Lead of the Content Marketing working group

Jennifer is an accomplished professional with 25+ years of clinical research management and technology implementation experience.

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Claudine Moore
Lead of the JSCDM as of 2024

Claudine is a Clinical Data Strategy and Operations Program Lead at AbbVie Inc. Ms. Moore began working in Clinical Data Management in 2003 and has experience working on pre-clinical through Phase III clinical trials.

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Deven Kishor Babre
Lead of Online Education working group

Leadership in areas of clinical research, primary in clinical data management, risk-based monitoring, data analytics, biostatistics & statistical programming, clinical operations and pharmacovigilance.

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Kelly Chelnik
Co-lead Certifications working group, CCDS

Kelly is a Manager, Clinical Data Management at Abiomed with over 15 years experience in clinical research. She has experience working in government, hospitals, CROs, biotech, and now medical device.

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Dr Deepak Kallubundi
Co-lead of Certifications working group, CCDA 

Dr Deepak brings in over 18+ years of experience in Industry with high expertise for Project’s, Program’s and Portfolio’s handling for various FSP’s and Stand-alone services.

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Sachin Tonapi
Co-lead Certifications working group, CCDM

Sachin Tonapi is a distinguished professional serving as the Executive Director, Global Head Data Operation, CDM at Fortrea. Sachin has an illustrious career spanning over 21 years.

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Dr. Hui (Tanya) Sun
Lead of the Corporate Partnership program

Tanya is a clinical project manager (PMP certified) and clinical data manager with strong research background and extensive industry experience.

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Stephen Cameron
Lead Ambassadors program

Stephen has been 25 years in biotechnology, microbiology and clinical trial data management. Areas of focus include recombinant, subunit, attenuated and whole cell bacterin and viral vaccines, cellular therapy, oncology, gout and biosimilar studies as well as monoclonal therapies.

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