The changing role of Data Management

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Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change – Jim Rohn

Did you attend the annual SCDM conference this year?

If you did, you know that the role of the Data Manager is changing. There were several sessions and presentations outlining the new responsibilities that face data managers today. There are technical challenges, the addition of quality metrics to manage and the challenge of managing a diverse staff.  If you did not attend, the change is apparent from the articles in the Data Basics journal detailing new processes and technology in our industry.

SCDM recognizes the changes in the industry and wants to be the leader in providing resources to manage this change. The updated GCDMP is a good example of an up-to-date resource for data managers. The webinars and learning webinars that we offer will provide training and oversight to you, the data manager, to lead your internal teams through the change.

Speaking of change, the Fall SCDM newsletter, Data Basics explored the topic: Human versus Machine in Clinical Data management and has a fantastic article on AI and Wearable Technologies in Clinical Research today.  These changes will impact all of us today and down the road.

If you are planning a big change, such as a career change, now is the time!  There are a lot of new and exciting opportunities out there in our industry.   The SCDM Career Center is a great place to review these careers.  Looking at the job descriptions is helpful to understand the skills being sought after today.  There is also a section where you can upload your resume and get a free review.

A great resource for you and your team is the SCDM On Demand Webinars.  These webinars can help you earn those CEU credits to maintain your ccdm certification.

There is a variety of cutting edge topics to help drive your career including:

In the Fall Data Basics, there is an article on the Clinical Data Management Skills Trinity, and I don’t want to give away all the answers, one of their top suggestions to about having Courage within your organization and the industry to speak up.

SCDM is here to help you embrace and lead the change!

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