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Upcoming Courses & Webinars

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Upcoming Courses & Webinars

Whether you are an experienced CDM or just starting out, SCDM is here to accompany you on your educational journey. We offer a variety of Online Courses and Webinars to help you develop new skills and advance in your career.
Here’s what we have planned for the coming month.

📅 July 4 – July 31, 2022

Selecting and Implementing Electronic Data Capture (EDC1)

Over four weeks, this course will address general principles, best practices and issues to consider when choosing and implementing an EDC platform. The focus will be on the choices required to meet the business needs of an organization.

Key takeaways:

  • Identify business needs related to implementing an EDC system
    for a study and/or program
  • Understand data specifications unique to EDC
  • Discuss the impact of EDC on existing DM processes and data collection tools
  • Design the application to interface with other data components
    (ePRO, IVRS and Central Labs)

…and more

During this online course a sample protocol will provide you the opportunity to learn from a real-life situation.


📅 June 16, 2022

A Partnership with Sites, Biopharmaceutical Firms, and Clinical Research Organizations

During this webinar Michael Buckley will describe Direct Data Extraction (DDE) best practices identified by the Society for Clinical Data Management eSource Consortium that will enable other groups to implement DDE for their own clinical research efforts .


📅 June 23, 2022

Introduction to MedDRA in relation to Medical coding and the Analysis of Data

During this webinar Nicole Fornarotto will take you on a journey through the features of MedDRA. You will obtain the basic understanding of the structure, scope and maintenance of MedDRA, identify the tools available, including the MedDRA browser.


📅 June 30, 2022

Adaptive learning – How to form new CDMs in this virtual time due to COVID19

Cecilia Calcagno will focus on the challenges in training new CDM during the pandemic, which forced us to come up with new ways of teaching. She will share different approaches to this situation, because if we do not have a strong foundation, even the greatest structure can come crumbling down.


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