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Updates from the Board - August 2021

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Updates from the Board – August 2021

Hello SCDM Friends,

Hope you are all doing great and staying safe!

It is an exciting time at SCDM as we are gearing up for the SCDM Global Conference with US, EMEA and India being part of this event. Have you registered yet? Join us for over 100 thought-provoking and inspiring sessions which lift the lid on how the future is already here. Register here.
I am pleased to share some updates which are aligned to our Vision for 2021:

1. SCDM 2021 China Conference was successfully held last June 17-19 in Shanghai. The three-day event welcomed over 330 attendees ranging from industry experts, regulators, scholars, and clinical data management professionals.

2. The GCDMP revisions project is working hard on updating the next GCDMP chapters. Expect to see the chapter on “Edit Check Design” released for public comment this fall, followed by the drafts for the chapters “Measuring Data Quality”“Safety Data Management”, and “Integration of External Data”. Three chapter groups are scheduled for late 2021 and you can still participate! We are actively recruiting authors for the chapters “Assuring Data Quality”, “Database Lock/Closure” and “Clinical Data Archiving”. Additionally, we’d love to have a few volunteers to assist with administrative updates to chapters that aren’t getting full revisions. Contact [email protected] for more information on how to help.

3. The CCDM Beta Exam results will be published this August 27th, and the regular CCDM exam will be launched in September 2021, stay tuned!
We are looking for volunteers for “Item Writers” for the CCDM question bank (must hold a current CCDM). Please contact LaTrese [email protected] for more information.

4. Over the last 2 years, the SCDM Innovation Committee and its many dedicated volunteers have shared their reflection on the evolution of Clinical Data Management to Clinical Data Science. With support from the SCDM Board and aligned with SCDM Vision, we are now actively working on a Clinical Data Science position paper to guide CDM Organizations moving toward Clinical Data Science. Join us at the SCDM Global Conference to learn more from our thought leaders! Also, register to the pre-conference workshop on the development of an article focused on CDM innovations during the global pandemic. The selected article will be sponsored by the innovation committee and published in JSCDM!

Thanks for all your continuous support and contribution to SCDM. See you at the Conference!


Dr Deepak Kallubundi

Secretary, SCDM Board

Author: Society for Clinical Data Management
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