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Updates from the Board - February 2022

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Updates from the Board – February 2022

Welcome to 2022!

2022 is a much anticipated “restart” for sure. We are all starting to see a bit of a “light at the end of the tunnel” with COVID and we are excited to share what’s to come for SCDM in 2022. But first I want to thank all our members for your continued support and commitment. It is because of all of you that SCDM exists and thrives!

This new year brings several new SCDM Board members, including the Executive Committee. We are very excited to welcome Mayank Anand to the position of SCDM Chair. Sanjay Bhardwaj, our past Chair, has really been an outstanding leader over 2021, despite the additional struggles and barrier COVID has thrown our way. Arshad Mohammed joins us in the Vice Chair seat, I am your new Secretary and Jonathan Andrus continues to round out the Executive Committee as our Treasurer.

The SCDM Board has been hard at work updating our strategy and creating our 2022 workplan. I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce you to some of the highlights in that workplan.

  1. Annual Conference– Planning for this years’ Hybrid (in person + virtual) conference is well underway and we are always looking for volunteers to participate. Our SCDM 2022 AC Website will launch soon and keep an eye out for registration information in the next month or so. For more information about this or any of our events visit our SCDM Events Calendar
  2. GCDMP Chapters- We are entering into our final phase of GCDMP Chapter revisions. We are recruiting for SMEs to assist with the authorship of Chapters on Clinical Data Archiving, Assuring Data Quality and Database Lock. To volunteer to author, edit or to review all GCDMP chapters visit SCDM GCDMP
  3. Education at SCDM- Many exciting and informative learning opportunities are headed your way including new webinars and online courses, in addition to more customizable education programs. Check out the education section of our website for more information and the schedule. SCDM Online Education
  4. Innovation- We continue to have a very active network of subject matter experts dedicated to innovation. They are collaborating on informative white papers and connecting with other organizations in the industry to drive innovative change. They will continue their work and focus on Clinical Data Sciences through 2022.
  5. Certification- After successful completion and delivery of our new CCDM certification exam, the certification team has been hard at work on something new… Stay tuned for announcements later in the year related to Certification! As always for all things Certification related, go to the Get Certified Section of the SCDM webpage.
  6. JSCDM (Journal)- We are making great progress on our way to becoming a true Peer Reviewed Indexed Journal thanks to the efforts of our Chief Editor and the publications If you’re not familiar with JSCDM go to to learn more, submit content and/or read previous publications.
  7. Corporate Partnership Strategy Optimization- The Executive Committee has come up with what we think is more appropriate packaging to attract and add value for our Corporate Partners. Existing Corporate partners will receive a personalization connection soon to discus, and any new partners can check out our webpage for contact information. SCDM Corporate Partner Program
  8. Regional Expansion- The SCDM is still very dedicated to Global Diversity and continuing to focus on our regional expansion efforts across the globe: Japan, China, India and Europe! If you are interested in SCDM Conferences or Events (Events), Membership and/or opportunities in these regions we have a place for you (Regional Team Volunteer)

SCDM is always looking for more volunteers to join any of our committees, support events, publications, etc. If you have a desire to volunteer, whether for the first time, or to increase your current volunteerism, please check out our Become a Volunteer section of our webpage.

On behalf of the SCDM Executive Committee and Board of Trustees I want to thank you for being a part of SCDM and we look forward to the exciting future of our industry.


Maria Craze, M.B.A.
Secretary, SCDM Board of Trustees

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