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Updates from the Board - May 2021

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Updates from the Board – May 2021

Hello SCDM Friends,

Hope you are all doing great and staying safe!

A lot has been happening around the world amidst COVID, similarly, we are seeing lot around SCDM as well. I am pleased to share some updates which are aligned to our Vision for 2021:

1. “Future Now: V2.021” is now going to be a Global Conference with integration of India and EMEA. Submit your abstract here.

2. We are excited to launch our new membership and community platform! By switching to a new membership and community platform, we’ve taken another important step in our strategic plan to build the world’s clinical data scientist network.

3. The GCDMP revisions project is moving full speed ahead, with six published revisions, four chapter revisions with first draft text complete or nearly complete, and five chapter writing groups newly launched in Q1 2021. The revised GCMDP will be housed as a special collection at the new Journal of the Society for Clinical Data Management.
The final three chapter groups are scheduled to launch late in Q2, and you can still participate. In addition to populating the remaining writing groups, we are actively recruiting volunteers to assist in tasks related to the literature review, and for Certified CDMs to draft exam items in accordance with the new text. Contact [email protected] for more information on how to help.

4. Exciting time to be a part of the Certification Committee, need of general committee members and Item Writers for the CCDM question bank (Must hold a current CCDM). Please contact LaTrese [email protected] for more information.
Not certified? CCDM Beta Exam is now up and running! Reduced fees with a testing deadline of 6 June 2021. Interested applicants can find more information here.

5. JSCDM was officially launched in early March of this year with release of articles and GCDMP chapters on EDC. Volume 2 is already underway and we invite co-authors to submit abstracts.

6. Biopharma DM Leadership council has been launched, great collaboration with industry leaders and SCDM will help to bring together Best Practices in Industry.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your involvement in and support in SCDM. Along with our volunteers and industry partners, you have helped SCDM successfully serve the CDM community.

Dr Deepak Kallubundi

Secretary, SCDM Board

Author: Society for Clinical Data Management
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