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Updates from the Board - November 2021

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Updates from the Board – November 2021

Hello SCDM Friends,

I hope you are doing great and staying safe!

This will be my closing letter as the SCDM Secretary of the Board of Trustees 2021, and would like to welcome Maria Craze, who will be leading this from 2022. I take this as a privilege to thank all SCDM Board members, SCDM Members, Industry Colleagues and friends who are part of this journey.

Below are the latest updates of the Society:

1. SCDM Global Conference:

This year’s conference has marked a number of milestones: it was our first global conference; we had more speakers and sessions than ever before, and we were honored with a record-breaking attendance of 1650 attendees from across the world. Thank you to all our industry partners, sponsors and attendees who made this event a huge success. Also, BIG THANK YOU to MCI Team is much needed for being able to handle this huge digital conference.

2. Certification Committee:

Are you not a CCDM yet? Now it is a great opportunity as the regular CCDM exam has been launched. Please click here to get certified. Our Re-Certification process will be going completely digital very soon, stay tuned!

We are looking for “Item Writers” volunteers for the CCDM Item Question Bank (must hold a current CCDM). Please contact LaTrese [email protected] to get involved.

3. GCDMP Committee:

The GCDMP revisions project is continuing at a great pace and our wonderful team of volunteers is working hard to update all the remaining GCDMP chapters as soon as possible. Currently, the following chapters are in the content editing stage: ‘Edit Check Design Principles’, ‘Measuring Data Quality’, ‘Safety Data Management and Reporting’ and ‘Integration of External Data’. Further, there are three chapters in the writing stage: ‘Development of Data Collection Instruments’, ‘Software Development Life Cycle for CDM’ and ‘Metrics in Clinical Data Management’.

We are actively recruiting volunteers and authors for the following chapters: ‘Assuring Data Quality’, ‘Database Lock/Closure’, ‘Clinical Data Archiving’ and ‘Medical Coding Dictionary Management and Maintenance’. Additionally, we’d love to have a few volunteers to assist with administrative updates to chapters that are not getting full revisions. Please contact [email protected] for more information on how to help.

4. Innovation Committee:

We have all been very pleased and impressed by the great content of the Global Conference on topics related to Clinical Data Science (CDS) such as DCT, AI, ML and RBQM. This shows a wide adoption of new methodologies. To help further and as mentioned in the last Data Connections, the SCDM Innovation committee is working on a CDS Position Paper to guide Clinical Data Management (CDM) Organizations evolving into Clinical Data Science. The paper is expected to be released early Q1.

In parallel, we are collaborating with the SCDM Education Committee to assess the possibility to create a CDS Certification Program leveraging upcoming CDS Short summary covering the fundamental of CDS. Stay tuned and follow us on social media for updates!

Thanks to all contributions, support and wishing everyone to enjoy rest of year with family & friends. Signing off!!

Dr. Deepak Kallubundi

Secretary, SCDM Board

Author: Society for Clinical Data Management
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