Updates from the board – September 2018

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Updates from the Board - September 2018

By Jennifer Price

SCDM – Update From the Board –  September 2018

As I write this, it is election time at SCDM.  Our Board of Trustees is made up of SCDM volunteers who apply for a Board Member position.  Anybody can apply for the Board of Trustees, but those that get elected have typically volunteered for SCDM and are leaders or rising leaders in our industry.  Elections are open to all and the call for applications is open in June.  Please consider getting involved with SCDM leadership!

Below are some brief updates from the different committees:

Advisory Board – The newly created SCDM Advisory Board is comprised of Executive Leaders in our industry.  They will be providing the board with overall advice and direction that will help shape the future of our organization.

Regional Expansion – SCDM continues to grow in India, China and Japan.  We are working to understand and incorporate regional requirements while putting a plan in place to grow within each area and share resources.

Certification Committee – SCDM is working toward offering our ccdm certification exam online.  We have selected a vendor and are currently in the testing phase of this implementation.

Marketing Advisory Committee – The committee has been brainstorming ways to promote SCDM to those that are not currently members.  They have proposed some video content to be obtained at the Annual Conference

Innovations Committee – The innovations committee has been focusing on the Metrics project, working out the set of common metrics, recruiting participants and creating documents. More to come from this group.

GCDMP Committee – The GCDMP committee has continued their work to update all of the chapters using the academic method.  Look for announcements on new chapters as they are released.

Website – There is work being done to expand the SCDM website to have a page for each of the committees that can keep everyone informed.

All of the SCDM committees are looking for volunteers to help shape the future of SCDM.  Please contact volunteers@scdm.org to get started as a volunteer.

Jennifer Price

Senior Director, Clinical Data Management

Secretary, SDCM

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