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Our SCDM Live events have become the highlights of the year, bringing together global experts to showcase innovative ideas and technologies and fostering a strong sense of community.

The Festival of Opportunity

For 25+ years, SCDM’s Annual Conference has been at the forefront of clinical data excellence. It is world-renowned for inspiring leaders and for advancing the expertise and career of everyone who attends. Taking place in the USA, this is our largest flagship event. Consistently delivering fresh insights, thought-provoking ideas and new concepts, the conference drives our industry forward and #SCDM24 is ready to do the same.


Bigger. Better. Smarter.

Over the years, our EMEA Conference has grown to be the must-attend event
for clinical data managers in the region. Through a diverse selection
of inspiring talks, workshops, insightful presentations and exciting keynotes,
the event offers you the chance to engage with leading minds
in clinical data management from across Europe and beyond.


Connecting to the future of
Clinical Data Management

We are dedicated to supporting the evolving community of CDM professionals in India by providing a platform for supporting emerging talent through education and networking. The SCDM India Conference is a key event for CDMs in the region to connect, exchange knowledge, and discuss emerging trends and best practices. Stay tuned for more information on the 2024 edition.


Exploring new technologies
that drive innovation

We’ll host our seventh China Conference edition this year – a testament to the dynamic and growing CDM community in this region. The SCDM China Conference puts forward discussions on the biggest trends in the industry and covers a wide range of pertinent topics to local clinical data managers.


Bridging local communities for global impact

By focusing on local communities, we aim to create a platform for meaningful exchange, collaboration, and learning that transcends geographical boundaries. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the field, SCDM’s single day events offer a unique opportunity to enhance your knowledge, network with peers and contribute to the advancement of specific topics that are rapidly transforming the industry in specific regions. In 2024, we’re planning events in India, Japan, South Africa and Latin America. More information coming soon – stay tuned.


State of the CDM Industry:
The 2024 SCDM Chair Address

Earlier this year, Patrick Nadolny, the SCDM Chair for 2024
delivered a must-watch session where he zeroes in on what matters most to
the Clinical Data Management profession and provided insight into SCDM’s
strategic priorities for the upcoming years.

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